Important News - Beginning Summer 2023

PC-IT Group have completed computer and server maintenance and upgrades, hardware, software and networking contracts for clients in Europe, Venezuela, Trinidad & Tobago, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, St. Thomas, BVI and USVI as well as throughout the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the United States of America for over 31 years.

Due to what has become a long term and debilitating illness to Mr. Connor Macleod, our CEO, PC-IT Group have seen the need to scale back all digital P.C. and Server services. This will result in the complete closure of the Hardware Services Department and the slashing of the Software Services weekly availability from 60 to 30 hours by appointment only.

Looking to the future, we have decided to restructure and diversify our manufacturing and sales activities in an attempt to keep our small family business afloat. We will continue to serve you, our valued customers, be it in a different format. Therefore, starting in the Summer months of 2023, our new laser printing, CNC carving and Banner/Sign production departments will be opening. Updates regarding all these changes will be published here to keep you informed.

We hope you will find these changes both interesting and worthy of custom.


May Almighty God Bless You and Keep you Safe.

Peace of mind Software Sales, Service, Support, and Maintenance Solutions for all your PC and Laptop needs at prices guaranteed to please.


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